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Cyberspace puzzle shooter in the vein of Rez and System Shock. Run from ICE nodes while rerouteing data streams. 

Made for the 2012 7DFPS project. Would love feedback on anything, so I know what to do/not do in my next game.

WASD and Mouse to move. E or Left Mouse to interact. R resets current level. M toggles motion blur. Escape exits.

The goal of each level is to use the teleporter. On some levels the teleporter first needs to be powered, and on others it is already active, but protected by a shield you must deactivate.

For development news, feedback and updates go here: https://twitter.com/Orihaus
Get the soundtrack here: http://soundcloud.com/lhasamencur/obsolete-ambient-soundtrack


Design, Modeling and code by: Orihaus
Sound and Music by: Lhasa Mencur
Logo and Helpscreen by: Pietro Riva


Obsolete-Windows-Release.zip 42 MB

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